Are Samoyeds Destructive? Exploring the Behavior Patterns

Samoyeds are an adorable and loving dog breed known for their gentle temper and big, happy smiles.

However, you have to wonder if they can also show a different sort of behavior?

Most importantly:

Are Samoyeds destructive?

In today’s post, we will answer the question and give you some valuable tips if your Samoyed struggles with destructive behavior patterns. All you have to do is relax and indulge in reading.

Let’s see what we have prepared for you today.

So, Are Samoyeds Destructive?

Samoyeds are considered working dogs in dog breed classification. However, nowadays, how much work they do is an entirely different story (unless cuddling and smiling is work!).

Still, they are extremely active and always looking to have a lot of fun. But how does that tie to our question above?

In short, due to their high energy levels, Samoyeds can be destructive if they get bored or feel a lack of attention.

This is especially important during their growing up phase because otherwise, they may exhibit strange behaviors. Separation anxiety is a widespread occurrence in Samoyeds.

They do need to feel like part of the pack to protect their loved ones. So if you’re not around as much as usual (work, school), you can expect a little bit of trouble from your Samoyed.

5 Situations in Which Samoyeds Could Behave Destructively

When can Samoyeds show destructive behavior?

Now, let’s take a look at different situations you should do your best to avoid if you want your Sammy to be their usual, cuddly and happy self:

#1 – You Don’t Spend Enough Time With Your Buddy

Lack of quality time with their humans is one of the most common reasons a Samoyed behaves destructively.

Namely, we all have some daily tasks that we have to complete. Often in these situations, our Samoyed may have to stay alone in your apartment or house.

Consequently, your Sammy will get bored and might find ways to “entertain” themselves on their own.

#2 – They Feel Ignored

Hey, you!

Put down that phone and give your cloud some well-deserved cuddles!

If you do not pay enough attention to your Samoyed during the early days of their life or simply neglect them often, they will feel ignored. As a result, they will start to feel left out of the pack, so they may start acting out on things in your home.

#3 – Lack of Exercise

If you don’t exercise your Samoyed and give them enough mental stimulation or physical activity, they might get antsy and start chewing random things like shoes and furniture.

After all, dogs need to get their dose of fun somewhere! It might as well be on your terms.

#4 – Neglecting Their Needs

Yet another situation in which the behavior of your Samoyed can be alarming is if you start neglecting their basic needs.

We really hope this will never be an issue as it’s one of the essential things in taking care of a pet. We also understand that it is challenging for first-time owners to figure out everything with their new furry friend but it is a necessity.

If your buddy is thirsty, hungry, or just eager for attention for a long time, they can become unhappy, sad, and destructive. In such situations, a Sammy can start barking loudly and causing damage to draw attention or deal with the stress.

#5 – Interactions with Strangers & Other Animals

Samoyeds can behave destructively when they are in a new environment, especially if they are off-leash and didn’t go through proper socialization.

This happens because they have a hunting urge and can see prey in another person or animal. However, Samoyeds are friendly to other beings, so the worst they can do is chase other animals around playfully.

Still, it’s not a very pleasant behavior to deal with every day.

How To Stop Your Sammy From Being Destructive?

Can Samoyeds be destructive?

Finally, we will take a look at the ways you can stop and prevent a Samoyed from being destructive if you are already dealing with this issue:

  1. Have them interact with other animals. If they are kept isolated for too long or left alone at home all day, it will make them bored and destructive behaviors may present themselves.
  2. Give them enough daily exercise. Tire out their mind as well as their body! They need mental stimulation just like any dog does, so taking a trip to the park every day where you can play catch together would help keep their mind from being filled with boredom which could lead them to be destructive when you are gone.
  3. Let them explore new environments. Give your Samoyed enough opportunities to explore, sniff around and do the things they need to feel fulfilled. All dogs have an instinct to play with their prey, so giving them toys like stuffed animals or plushies will provide them with something fun to play with when you aren’t home while also exercising their mind.
  4. Give lots of attention during their “growing” stage. Young age is a vital time where certain behaviors can start developing. If not kept under control early on, it may become too late to discipline your dog once they are all grown up.
  5. Lastly, don’t give them opportunities to be destructive. For example, don’t leave food out on your coffee table or kitchen counter all day long because this may cause bad habits such as begging or counter surfing (when your dog jumps up on the counter to eat food).

The bottom line is that most destructive behavior patterns can be solved by a combination of these elementary things:

  • healthy diet;
  • lots of attention and love;
  • physical and mental stimulation;
  • reducing your dog’s alone time to a minimum.


So, what have we learned: are Samoyeds destructive?

While it is not in their nature, Samoyeds can be destructive if they are not physically and mentally stimulated.

However, if you follow the tips and tricks we gave you, there shouldn’t be a reason they would start exhibiting these negative behavior patterns.

Now, let’s see your thoughts:

Is your Samoyed destructive? Which of the tips we gave you sounds most helpful to you?

We are waiting for your opinions in the comments. As always, thank you so much for reading our post today!