Do Samoyeds Need a Lot of Exercise? (Daily Routine Included)

We bet there isn’t a single Samoyed lover out there who hasn’t heard about their endurance and energy as a working breed. These traits allowed them to push sleds for hours in the extreme temperatures of Siberia many years ago!

These beautiful beings are so hyperactive that one gets the impression that their energy has no limits.

However, what often interests many future Sammy parents is:

Do Samoyeds need a lot of exercise?

As proud members of the pack of Sammy lovers, we have combined our experience and research to give you the most in-depth answer to this topic right away.

Let’s take a look!

Understanding the Samoyed Personality

Without any doubt, Samoyeds are dogs with high energy levels, which they spend through both physical activity and quite a bit of barking!

Still, they are characterized by their gentle character and incredible devotion to their family. Due to these traits, Samoyeds can be classified as great family dogs.

Still, the most important thing to remember is that, despite their cuddly looks, Samoyeds are primarily a working breed.

You have probably heard that Samoyeds prefer to be preoccupied with various activities in order not to express their boredom destructively. That is why Samoyeds need to satisfy their daily physical needs so that you do not find your house in chaos!

Last but not least, Samoyeds require a creative approach to training and discipline. The faster you accept this fact, the sooner you will see progress in your dog’s behavior.

Now that you’ve learned the basics about Samoyed’s personality, we can move on to the main part of the story:

Do Samoyeds Need a Lot of Exercise?

The answer is relatively straightforward:

Samoyeds are a working breed with high energy levels and are highly active. For that reason, they need at least an hour of physical activity a day. For best results, we suggest you spend up to 2 hours exercising with your Sammy.

However, remember that the age of your Samoyed dictates the length and intensity of exercise. Hence, it’s best to consult your vet for recommendations not to overtrain and potentially hurt your Sammy.

Best exercise activities for Samoyeds.

Here you may be wondering what kind of exercise is best for your dog?

Let’s take a look at the possible approaches to helping your gorgeous fluffy friend spend their energy in a healthy way! 

5 Simple & Effective Types of Exercise for Every Sammy

While they are some lazy clouds here and there, most Samoyeds absolutely love getting as much physical activity as possible.

We will now introduce you to 5 exercises to help you maintain Samoyed’s physical and mental well-being:

#1 – Walking

Sometimes, the simple and most obvious option is a perfectly reasonable choice!

Although it sounds like a mundane activity, walking will help your Samoyed to maintain their physical and mental condition. 

First of all, walking strengthens their cardiovascular system. Running will also lower your blood pressure and help relieve joint pain. In addition to the above, walking aids in the growth and development of your young Samoyed.

Plus, we are sure you will enjoy a relaxing walk in the fresh air, especially after a hard day at work.

#2 – Digging

Yes, digging!

It may not be suitable for every household, but this is one of the best exercises for mentally stimulating your Samoyed. If you live in a house, digging is a total hit.

Determine a specific area in the backyard exclusively for your Samoyed. It will take a bit of training, but they will soon get used to their digging are.

You can play various games because Samoyeds love to dig. Start by superficially hiding some toys that your Samoyed adores. In an instant, you will see how much fun your dog has while trying to find them!

#3 – Shell (Cup) Game

There is almost no person who has not heard or at least once played this game with their dog.

All you have to do is take three cups and hide a treat in one. Then, mix the cups and let your buddy find the right one. If you’ve never done it, you won’t believe how fun it is!

It is a very mentally stimulating game that will appeal to your Samoyed and help them spend their energy in a refreshing way. Simply put, you’ll keep their brain in shape just as much as their muscles.

Samoyeds exercise routine..

#4 – Bike & Run

Samoyeds are known for their excellent stamina. We all know that in earlier history, they could pull sleds for hours.

Riding a bike is another physical activity in addition to running that will tire your Samoyed enough and positively affect the development of his body.

Of course, we don’t expect your Sammy to ride a bike (although that would be impressive)! Just tie a long leash to your bike’s handlebar and go at a moderate speed. Your Sammy will enjoy the breeze in their fluffy hair as they run!

By running regularly, you will prevent your Samoyed from gaining weight and keep track of their daily energy levels.

#5 – Learning a New Command

Maybe enough time has passed since you taught your Samoyed a new command. Learning a new one is another great idea that will make your dog think.

The application of a structured reward system and spaced repetition is crucial here. Samoyeds seek a creative approach to learning a new command. Otherwise, they may show disinterest and give up quite fast.

Samoyed Exercise Routine & Daily Schedule

You were probably surprised when you heard that spending up to 2 hours a day with a Samoyed in physical activity is advisable!

For this reason, as a surprise, we have prepared a routine for you that you can apply daily to be able to schedule your day and keep your Sammy healthy and active. This is the perfect plan for anyone who works a 9-5 job and wants to make their Samoyed a great apartment dog!

Morning Routine (06:30 – 08:00)

  • 5-minute teeth brushing;
  • 15-minute hair brushing with various brushes;
  • 30-minute light morning walk;
  • 10-minute basic commands repetition;
  • 30-minute alone playtime for your Sammy while you get ready for work.

Day Routine (08:00 – 18:00)

Since you will be working during these hours, it would be optimal to have someone take care of your Sammy while you are away. However, it’s understandable that most people don’t have that option.

Based on the age and discipline of your dog, you can either leave them home alone or in their crate during this time, but it is not an ideal long-term solution. On days when you have no other choice, please make sure that they have enough water and food around until you get back.

Evening Routine (18:00 – 21:00)

  • 30-minute higher intensity exercise;
  • 30-minute light evening walk;
  • 15-minute of mental exercise (such as the Shell Game);
  • cuddles and rest!


As you now know, Samoyeds have very high energy levels, and they need to do some sort of stimulating exercise every day. Otherwise, they will get bored and start doing damage around your house.

However, as long as you follow our recommended routine, you won’t have any trouble!

Now, let’s hear it from you:

Does two hours of exercise a day sound like too much for your schedule? How much time would you be able to set out?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!