Are Samoyeds Good Apartment Dogs? (w/ 5 Essential Tips)

Are you interested in welcoming a Sammy into your family? Maybe you already have, but the time has come to change the environment and move into a new apartment.

However, how to imagine life in a new apartment without your most important friend – Samoyed. This has undoubtedly made you wonder:

Are Samoyeds good apartment dogs?

We have prepared another in a series of answers to your questions.

Let’s dive in!

Are Samoyeds Good Apartment Dogs? 

We are getting into the answer right away:

Yes, Samoyeds can live in apartments as long as they get enough attention and regular physical activity. They are medium-sized dogs that belong to the working group, which means that small apartments can represent a challenge for both them and you.

Still, many Samoyed parents live in the city. They don’t have the opportunity to have a big house with a spacious backyard. But, that didn’t stop any of them from having a healthy, beautiful Sammy running around their apartment since they took the appropriate steps to ensure their wellbeing.

If you are wondering about “turning” a Sammy into an indoor dog, think about what should be there for their benefit.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Apartment for Your Samoyed

The first thing to keep in mind is your Samoyed’s size. They are not the smallest dogs in the world, so be prepared to make some changes around your home.

For this reason, we present to you the five most important things that will make apartment living easy for your Samoyed:

#1 – If possible, prepare a separate room for your Sammy.

If your apartment is big enough, your dog should have a room where they can always doze off. Although they are quite active, Samoyeds enjoy their quiet time as well.

In addition, their room can be a place from which the smell of other animals or people does not bother them. A separate room can be a great solution if you have another pet besides Sammy.

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#2 – Provide your Samoyed with a variety of toys.

Your Samoyed will be happier if you can provide them with various toys to play with. This way, they will not feel bored, and there is no risk that they will start chewing your furniture or something else in the apartment.

Destructive behavior most often happens when a Samoyed spends too much time alone. They are prone to separation anxiety, so make sure to spend a lot of time with them. They will love their toys only if you are there to play with them too!

#3 – Keep your apartment bright and airy.

You should also make sure that there is a lot of light and fresh air in the apartment, making both you and your Samoyed feel happier with the living conditions.

Important tip: Samoyeds can be extremely sensitive to high temperatures. This is especially important when the temperatures are high outside. Then the most important thing is that your Samoyed spends time in an apartment that checks off the following boxes:

  • It’s air-conditioned.
  • There is sufficient shading to prevent direct sunlight and heat.
  • There is enough water for your thirsty Sammy.

#4 – You need enough space to run and play.

Training and establishing a regular exercise routine should be your priorities!

It is also essential that your Samoyed has enough space to run around at least a bit. It can be a balcony or a small place in the living room. 

Still, if that’s not doable, a dog park in the vicinity of the apartment will do great as long as you visit it frequently. This will make it much easier for you to take care of their physical activity needs and give them some time outside. The more often they go out, the better.

#5 – Keep your apartment clean.

The cleanliness of the apartment is a very important factor. Samoyeds are often quite messy due to their thick coat, especially during shedding season.

Keep your brushes and vacuum cleaners ready and regularly tidy your apartment if you don’t want to live in a fur cave!

Pros And Cons of Living in an Apartment

Although Samoyeds can easily live in apartments, there are still some disadvantages of smaller living spaces. Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons of your Samoyed living in an apartment: 


  • You will become more physically active as your new friend will require you to go out all the time.
  • Dogs are exceptional companions for taking care of your mental health. They will calm you down in times of stress and anxiety, and we all know how often busy city life can bring those.
  • Your small apartment will feel more like home. There is nothing that brightens up a place like Sammy’s smile!


  • Samoyeds are quite vocal, which is not ideal for apartment living.
  • Suppose you have other pets besides your Sammy. In that case, you might have to spend more energy managing their relationship, so to say. Even though Sammies are friendly, animals don’t always get along that great.
  • Your dog can easily chew objects in the house when left alone because they get bored quickly and have excess energy.
  • If you live on a high floor, taking your dog outside often may be a bit of a challenge.


As you can see, living in an apartment is not a problem for Samoyeds, as long as you make sure that the living conditions are suitable for them.

This way, both of you will be happy living together!

Now it’s your turn. Let’s see your experiences with your dog:

Do you perhaps live in an apartment with your Samoyed? What things do you do to make indoor living appropriate for your Sammy?

Please share your experiences with us in the comments below. 

See you in the next post!