Are Samoyeds Easy to Train? – Training & Discipline

Anyone looking to welcome a Samoyed in their home naturally wants to know everything about them. Curiosity is an excellent thing because it is clever to weigh in all options to decide better whether this breed is best suited for you and whether you can provide your dog with a proper lifestyle that covers all their needs.

So, one of the questions that often arises and causes a lot of debate is

Are Samoyeds easy to train?

And can I manage to train one myself?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because today we’re covering all aspects related to Samoyed’s training. We will also cover the best approach you can take to work on your Sammy’s discipline or teach them new skills.

Let’s get right into it!

Training a Samoyed – The Truth

Since Samoyeds are friendly and identified by their million-dollar Sammy smile, everyone naturally assumes that training them is a piece of cake. After all, how can it be hard when they seem so happy all the time?

The fact is, though, there is also something else for which Samoyeds are well known — being stubborn.

What Makes Samoyeds Hard to Train?

Samoyeds find it very hard not to have things go their way, so training them could demand a significant amount of effort and patience.

However, they are not troublemakers. Rather, the problem lies with them liking things done in a specific way. They are very “self-interested” and like to do their business the way they want to. While this is a trait of a very intelligent dog breed, it can also present a challenge if you are trying to discipline or teach your Sammy a new trick.

For instance, a Samoyed might need a certain level of activity and thrill, which it might not be getting from its training. This usually means that you have to be very persistent and even stubborn with your training routine while still introducing enough variety to keep your Samoyed entertained.

It sounds like a lot of work, and that’s because it is. Nevertheless, it is something you will have to embrace as a future Sammy parent.

Of course, Samoyed is a wonderful dog and has so much to offer to any family! Their intelligence and friendly, loveable temper vastly overshadow the bits of stubbornness they have in them.

Let’s say you are ready to deal with the challenge and train your Sammy by yourself. Then, the next question presents itself:

If Trained, What Sort of Tricks Can Samoyeds Master?

Why are Samoyeds hard to train?

As we said, they are an exceptionally clever breed, so the options are limitless.

They are a working breed that Samoyedic people had been training for decades to pull sleds, keep them warm, and herd in the cold northwestern Siberia.

What are a few tricks compared to that?

Samoyeds can do everything and anything that you can train any dog to do if you put in the right amount of effort. Samoyeds can sit, shake your hand, stay down, roll, go off-leash, pull sleds, and do just about anything with good training.

All it takes is persistence. Do not be derailed or discouraged by the ups and downs you may encounter in training your Sammy. You’ll get there eventually — it just has to be on their terms.

How to Train Your Dog Effectively

An established training routine is a must if you want to help your puppy grow into a well-trained, disciplined adult dog who won’t get into trouble.

Let us now move on to the five best tips on training your dog most effectively:

Tip #1 – Arm yourself with knowledge.

Locate some reference material and read up as much as possible about canine training techniques. The internet is overflowing with advice on teaching commands, behaving well, and stopping barking.

Most of it will be helpful; some of it will not be.

Nevertheless, it would be best always to examine every piece of information you come across critically. Separate what you consider good advice from the bad and avoid what seems impractical or detrimental to your dog’s health or happiness.

Here is a great resource we wholeheartedly recommend for getting started: The Spruce Pets – How to Train Your Dog.

Tip #2 – Make time for daily training sessions.

Training requires dedication and patience from both ends – yours and your furry friends! A daily training session will help you both bond with each other and establish a routine in your lives.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to spend hours training your dog. Fifteen minutes per day is more than sufficient, especially if you manage to make it a daily habit which you will stick to consistently.

Training a Samoyed.

Tip #3 – Enroll your Sammy in some canine sport.

We mentioned that Samoyeds could require a variety of different kinds of stimulation.

An alternative way of teaching basic obedience commands and manners is by enrolling your dog in sports like agility, sled-pulling, flyball, and tracking.

These activities will allow you both plenty of time to practice the basics while having fun at the same time! This also means that you can bond with other dog owners and even participate in various competitions where you can meet new friends or win prizes together.

The social element involved in these sports cannot be understated either – dogs have proven excellent companions for making new friends!

Tip #4 – Use positive reinforcement in the early stages of training.

Positive reinforcement means offering your dog a reward whenever they do something good. This approach helps build positive connections in your dog’s brain and encourages good behavior.

Rather than using punishment or negative commands, it is much better to praise your dog for obeying you, give them a treat, or let them play with their favorite toy after they have acted correctly.

This technique will help speed up the learning process and build trust between you during the very initial training phases. Setting a high-quality foundation can go a long way once your Sammy is grown up.

Tip #5 – Make your dog feel loved.

Your dog will behave better if they feel like their presence is valued and they are truly loved. Dogs are very sensitive animals that thrive on love and positive feedback from their owners more than anything else.

Spend quality time with your dog, but do not smother them! Giving them personal space is just as important as the proper family time you should provide as a responsible dog parent.

Take great care of their physical well-being, give in to those puppy eyes now and then, and play with them as often as you possibly can. These measures will make training much more manageable.

Your Turn

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