Are Samoyeds Good With Cats? – How Well Do They Get Along

If the good old cartoons have taught us one thing, it is that cats and dogs are natural enemies. Whether that is true in real life or not, it’s up to debate.

Either way, today, we are discussing the big question:

Are Samoyeds good with cats?

Whether you have a Sammy and want to get a cat or the other way around, knowing if they will live in harmony together beforehand is essential.

In this post, we’re going to answer this question and help you prepare for the new members of your family!

Let’s dive in!

Are Samoyeds Good With Cats?

Samoyeds are gentle family dogs and have a loveable character which makes them get along with other animals quite well. However, they still have a very pronounced hunting urge which makes them likely to chase small animals around, including cats.

This behavior stems from the early days where Samoyeds used to live in harsh areas as working dogs.

However, their chasing instinct does not mean that they are hostile to cats! It simply means you will have to prepare yourself for proper supervision and adaptation in your home.

Additionally, to have the best possible relationship between a cat and a Samoyed, your Sammy’s early socialization is the most important thing to consider. If you can expose your Sammy to other dogs and cats at an early age, the chances are they will get along with any cat later on perfectly fine!

Samoyed puppy chasing a cat.

Understanding Your Sammy’s Behaviour

The key is to socialize your dog when they are young and keep an eye on them when they’re spending time with the cat, even if everything seems fine. If you follow these steps, then your little family will live in harmony without any problems at all!

You should know that Samoyeds are very friendly by nature, so chances of them living in peace with a cat are high. However, that is only true if you take some precautions from an early age before they get obsessed with their hunting instincts towards kitties.

They can behave destructively if they feel bored. Therefore, it is vital to establish a quality exercise routine and mental stimulation for your Sammy so that their energy goes in the right direction.

How to Guarantee Your Sammy and Your Cat Will Get Along?

The truth is – you can’t. Just like us people, dogs and cats can simply decide they are not big fans of each other. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t at the very least tolerate living together.

Suppose you have decided that your Samoyed will share home space with a cat. In that case, the most important thing is to have them spend time together from the first days to build a friendly relationship.

As we mentioned earlier, their hunting urge can make Sammies see a cat as prey. However, to prevent such a situation from happening, we will suggest a few tips.

There are a few things that you can do to teach your Samoyed and the kitty how to live together:

  • When your Samoyed is a puppy, you should be very careful with the company they hang around with. We would advise against leaving them alone with an adult cat in the house. Otherwise, they may get into a conflict you won’t notice, and it will cause negative feelings towards cats. Now, this is a recipe for disaster later on.
  • The first step towards building their best possible relationship is to get to know each other gradually. Namely, determine their shared room in which they can get to know each other supervised.
  • Keep your Sammy on a leash around your cat for the first few times they are hanging out. Let them go at their own pace. If you see that your Samoyed is behaving aggressively, separate them immediately.
The most important thing to remember is that these things may take time. If the first meet-up went badly, do not lose hope. There's always tomorrow!

What to Do if They Are Not Getting Along?

Grumpy cat looking at a Samoyed.

If the tips above do not work, then we recommend that you separate them in different spaces of your house for some time so they can calm down and get used to each other’s presence.

If the situation does not improve much after a while, we suggest you take your Samoyed to obedience training. Proper training may help them learn what is allowed and what’s not, such as attacking or chasing the cat again.

In any case, always keep an eye on them when they are together because occasional problems between both of these animals are almost inevitable. After all, they are different animals, with entirely different characters and habits.


Samoyeds are known for their friendliness, so it’s unlikely there will be any problems in the relationship between these two animals if you follow our tips.

The most important thing is to socialize your dog when they are young and maintain an eye on the furry couple when they’re together, even when everything seems fine.

Now, let’s hear your thoughts:

Does your family include a Samoyed and a cat? If the answer is positive, describe their relationship to us or share some tips on how you got them to get along.

We can’t wait to see your responses! Until then, see you in the next post!