Can Samoyeds Drink Milk? Is Milk Good for Sammies?

Milk is one of the most popular foods, both in the human and animal world. It is a powerful elixir that promotes the growth and development of most living beings that walk this planet.

However, what particularly interests us today is:

Can Samoyeds drink milk?

Milk sounds like a universal drink that any living being can drink, but whether Samoyeds (and dogs in general) belong to that group is up for debate. We will, as always, do our best to present a comprehensive answer to this question.

Let’s jump in!

The Power of Milk: What’s Inside Milk?

Milk is a very complex beverage that contains several nutrients vital for our dog’s well-being. These are:

#1 – Water

Water is the main component of milk. More than 80 percent of milk is water.

In other words, milk intake also plays a role in hydrating the body. It helps supply all nutrients and minerals to the body’s cells, including dogs’ cells that need water for their regular function.

#2 – Calcium

Milk contains calcium which is essential for the formation and maintenance of bones. In addition, calcium helps in muscle growth and nerve functions.

Samoyeds require a lot of calcium as they are very active dogs who need strong muscles and strong bones to cope with their fast movements from one place to another.

#3 – Vitamin A

Milk is also a good source of Vitamin A. This vitamin helps:

  • maintain healthy vision and skin;
  • reduce the risk of infections;
  • and promotes a strong immune system.

In addition to that, our lovely Sammies require this kind of vitamin to have a shiny white coat which further enhances their beauty.

#4 – Vitamin B12

Milk also contains Vitamin B12, which is very important for all dogs. It helps in the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia from spreading in dogs’ bodies.

So, Can Samoyeds Drink Milk?

Is milk safe for Samoyeds?

The answer to this question is a bit complex:

Generally speaking, milk is safe and healthy for dogs and thus for Samoyeds, but only in small and controlled quantities.

The reason for that is the presence of lactose as a type of sugar in milk. Samoyeds, like other dogs, can be intolerant to this sugar which can lead to some problems we will talk more about below.

We recommend that you consult your veterinarian about the exact amount of milk that your Samoyed can drink, based on their health history.

What Happens If Your Sammy Drinks Too Much Milk?

Different types of milk also contain different amounts of lactose. As we mentioned earlier, Samoyeds can show their intolerance if they drink a large amount of milk. What exactly is considered a large amount highly depends on your Sammy’s age, health, and genetics.

So how does lactose intolerance manifest in dogs?

The symptoms that accompany lactose intolerance are digestive. Some of the situations you will encounter if your Samoyed has exceeded the recommended amount of milk are:

  • diarrhea,
  • vomiting,
  • gassiness,
  • abdominal pain.

In most situations, Samoyeds will show intolerance within 12 hours of drinking milk. If you encounter a situation like this, help your dog get through the symptoms and avoid milk in the future.

But how do you help your Sammy deal with lactose intolerance?

What to Do When Your Samoyed Drank Too Much Milk?

Samoyeds and lactose intolerance.

Suppose your Sammy has drunk too much milk and shows at least one of the symptoms that accompany lactose intolerance. In that case, you should naturally stop giving them milk.

Next, bring water to your dog to help them hydrate. If vomiting occurs, it can lead to dehydration, so the water will serve as first aid.

Also, remember that milk can cause allergies in dogs.

Excessive scratching can most often be the main symptom of an allergic reaction to milk. If you notice this situation, it is best to bathe your dog as soon as possible using an anti-itch shampoo.

If the situation does not calm down, seek the help of a veterinarian immediately.

Are Other Types of Milk Good for Samoyeds?

As we mentioned earlier, lactose intolerance is a very common situation among dogs. It occurs because the canine digestive system does not produce the enzyme that breaks down the lactose sugar in milk.

You might prefer to give your Samoyed another type of milk such as coconut or almond milk. That is a valid option but only after consulting with your veterinarian about the precise quantities and frequency for intake.

To Sum It Up – Can Samoyeds Drink Milk?

Samoyeds can drink cow’s milk but only in low quantities as their digestive system may struggle to break down lactose sugar contained within this type of dairy product.

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Does your Samoyed drink milk?

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