Why Do Samoyeds Curl Their Tails – Uncovering The Secret

Out of all the gorgeous things about our lovely Samoyeds, their fluffy tails are one of our favorites. But have you wondered why do Samoyeds curl their tails the way they do? Does this happen when they are happy, sad, or scared?

There are numerous considerations on this topic that may confuse you. However, we tried to get to the bottom of this unusual question and found the answer.

After reading this post, we promise that you will get to know your Sammy’s body language a bit better.

Let’s get into it!

What Does a Curled Tail Mean?

The position of your Samoyed’s tail says a lot about their emotional state.

In short, when the position of the tail of your Samoyed is curled, it is a sign of caution. Samoyeds often curl their tails when they sense there is some potential danger – when they are nervous, confused, or scared.

Therefore, when you notice a curled tail in your Sammy, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Make sure to check if there is an issue bothering your fluffy friend and do your best to cheer them up.

Now, let’s dive into the other common tail positions and what your Samoyed is trying to tell you with them.

Other Common Tail Positions in Samoyeds

Samoyed tail position - relaxed.

There are several tail positions that you can observe in your Samoyed. In this section, we will present to you all of them and explain what they mean from a behavioral perspective.

#1 – Tail Near Head

Samoyeds know to place their tail near their head when they sleep. This position of the tail allows them extra heat, especially if the temperatures are low outside.

Believe it or not, this trait is one of the Samoyed’s characteristics that confirms their connections with wolves, which is an interesting fact for any Sammy parent!

#2 – Tail Hug

You have probably observed some dogs curling their tails around people’s necks when they are lying down.

This unique type of hug is usually a sign of happiness. When dogs curl their tails around people’s necks, it means that they are happy to see them or simply want some attention.

It often happens when dogs have not seen their humans for a long time. If you notice that your Samoyed curls its tail around you when you are cuddling, this means they are very fond of you!

Naturally, please provide your dog with some extra care and cuddles in such moments! 

#3 – Tail Down

Another position that you have undoubtedly seen is when your Sammy keeps their tail down. What does this tail position mean?

During some pleasant situations when Samoyeds feel relaxed or when they are enjoying the moment, they tend to relax their tail. These are usually situations when they are eating or are surrounded by loved ones.

A relaxed tail is a sign of a relaxed Sammy!

#4 – Tail All Around the Place

Let’s get this straight: your Sammy will both raise and lower their tail during happy situations. They will wag it as if their life depends on it, which means they are full of joy!

But are there certain tail positions that could be troublesome?

When Could Your Samoyed’s Tail Position Be a Problem?

Unfortunately, not all tail positions are entirely harmless. Sometimes the position of your Samoyed’s tail can be a sign that something is not right with their emotions or behavior.

Suppose you notice that your Samoyed puts their tail between their legs when they are scared about something. In that case, it usually means they feel insecure in this situation and fear potential danger.

This is very useful to know as such an observation should lead us to investigate further why they feel under pressure and stress.

Perhaps they are dealing with a health issue you have been unaware of so far, and they could use a trip to the vet. Either way, paying attention to your dog’s body language can help you act proactively and maintain their health and happiness!

Why Do Samoyeds Curl Their Tails – Conclusion

It’s time for us to sum up everything that we have explained so far:

Your Samoyed’s tail position speaks directly about their current emotional state. For example, a curled tail usually means that a dog is alert or anxious. However, it can also happen that they are simply tired and feeling grumpy at the moment.

If you want to know more about Sammies, don’t hesitate to look at other interesting posts on our website that might help you learn a thing or two about this gorgeous white breed.