National Puppy Day – When is It & The Best Way to Celebrate

Dogs shower us with their unconditional love and attention each day of their lives. They make us laugh in the hardest of times and make our most wonderful days even more enjoyable.

We hope you are doing the same for your pup, as it is only natural to love these balls of fur with all your heart!

However, have you heard about National Puppy Day?

It’s a single day where millions of people celebrate love for their puppies and show them just how much they appreciate them!

Today, we will dedicate our post to this special day so that you can find out everything you need to know about it. We will also give you a few suggestions about the best ways you can celebrate National Puppy Day this year.

Let’s dive in!

The History of National Puppy Day 

First, we will take a brief look at the history and meaning of this adorable holiday:

When is National Puppy Day?

National Puppy Day is celebrated every year on March 23rd. It started in 2006 and has been a part of the National Day Calendar ever since.

Why Do We Celebrate It?

National puppy day has its own symbolism, so let’s see what this national dog day means for us.

Dogs are unique beings and essential family members that deserve our attention all year long… not just one single day!

Still, we ensure everyone knows just how much they mean to us by celebrating National Puppy Day. So basically, the day exists to celebrate dogs and everything they mean for us as humans.

It is a day that focuses on how important it is to give your puppy all the love and attention you can offer them, especially in the first year of their life!

If you shower your fluffy pal with love from the first time they step their little paw in your home, you will have a friend for life! The earlier you connect with your puppy, the stronger your bond will be as they grow up.

So National Puppy Day wants everyone out there who has a dog or might get one later to experience what it is like to have such a loyal friend by your side.

Being a responsible dog parent involves taking care of your puppy’s needs at any given moment, even if that means waking up late at night to take them out and give them the chance to do their business!

7 Best Ways To Celebrate This Day

How to celebrate National Puppy Day?

National Puppy Day is a day that we can celebrate with our dog in many different ways. Here are our favorite ideas:

#1 – Prepare a Special Treat for Your Dog

Get your kitchenware out, awaken a little creativity in your head, and take a couple of hours to make the perfect treat for your dog!

There are a bunch of sweets on the internet that you can make in just a few hours.

Of course, it is essential to pay attention to recipes that are entirely safe for your dog’s body. Once you have chosen a treat that your dog will like, it is time to set aside one morning to prepare it for them.

We recommend that you capture this moment with a beautiful picture that you will remember forever!

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#2 – Organize a Cute Puppy Photoshoot

Prepare a special outfit for your dog, get the camera out, and organize a photoshoot!

Remember to have fun with it! Take a minute or two to watch how they move and play around, try different angles, and find what fits each of their moods best.

You can also ask another person to help take pictures while you prepare their treats! If you are really up for the task, you can even hire a professional photographer.

#3 – Plan For an Outing

If the weather is nice enough outside, get your dog’s leash out and plan an outing to a nearby dog park! Pick up as many as their favorite treats as you can carry with you and go for a walk.

If you don’t have time during National Puppy Day, simply pick another day that will be just as fun!

When is National Puppy Day?

#4 – Organize & Send Out Invitations for a Puppy Party

If your friends happen to be dog parents too, why not organize a party?

You can all bring your pups together and enjoy yourselves with games, treats, and good company. Take pictures of the event and share them on social media to raise awareness of the cutest day of the year!

#5 – Have a Puppy Play Date

If you don’t feel like organizing an entire party, why not just invite your pup’s best friend over for some fun time?

Schedule yourself some time with your friend to be able to sit back and relax while your dogs play with each other. You can all enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about planning or hosting anything at all.

#6 – Support a Local Pet Shelter

Another wonderful thing you can do is to support a local pet shelter.

Provide support in the form of money if you have the opportunity or donate basic food that can mean the world to other dogs.

Remember this ever-green quote:

Every time you do a good deed, you shine the light a little farther into the dark!

#7 – Adopt A Dog

The final item on our list is a huge commitment but also an incredibly kind thing to do.

If you have been thinking about welcoming a dog into your family for some time, and you feel that you could do it, there is no better time than National Puppy Day!

Take advantage of this wonderful day and do a humane thing. Give all your love and attention to your new friend, and you will see how much they will appreciate you.

Numerous studies have shown that people who have become dog parents feel less lonely and generally happier about their life. So why not do a great thing for both yourself and a furry companion?

Random Interesting Facts About Puppies

To wrap up, let’s take a look at the most interesting facts about puppies:

  • Puppies are heavy sleepers. They spend more than 80% of their day sleeping!
  • Your puppy can help you focus. Japanese scientists have proven that looking at pictures of our dogs when they were puppies awakens positive emotions that help us focus.
  • Puppies can have identical twins, which science first confirmed very recently – in 2016!
  • Your puppy’s nose is their fingerprint since no two dog noses are the same!
  • Puppies are born blind and deaf. They only begin to see and hear once they turn two weeks old.
  • Dalmatian puppies are born without spots!
  • You can find a 17-ton puppy sculpture in Bilbao, Spain.


We hope that with this post, we raised your awareness about National Puppy Day and gave you a few ideas you can try to celebrate with your pooch!

Let’s hear it from you now:

Have you heard of National Puppy Day before? How will you celebrate it when it comes again?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!