How Much Does It Cost to Microchip a Dog? (& Is It Worth It)

Have you ever wondered what microchipping is or why it’s so important to have your dog chipped?

Numerous curiosities are hidden behind this tiny device some owners decide to put in their dogs. For starters:

How much does it cost to microchip a dog?

Should you even do it, and is it worth the price?

With the help of this post, you will get a direct and helpful answer to this and many other questions related to microchipping your dog. We recommend that you read the post carefully not to skip any important information!

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Short Microchipping History

The idea of microchipping a dog first came up in the late 1980s.

At this time, a rabies epidemic was spreading quickly and began to pose a severe threat. So scientists came up with the idea of a chip that could facilitate rapid identification and treatment of animals that became ill or injured and needed to be admitted for veterinary care.

The first prototype of a chip was developed and used in 1989. It was just as big as a United States quarter. These first microchips were placed under the skin of an animal, between the shoulder blades.

Soon, microchipping became a more common practice as people came to realize the benefits. In the meantime, a lot of research went into finding the safest and most effective way to use this technology for pets worldwide. 

What is The Purpose Of the Microchip?

How do microchips for dogs work?

A microchip is a tiny object about the size of a grain of rice. Its purpose is to identify and track animals, as it contains information such as owner contact information or even the animal’s medical history.

If someone finds your dog, a quick scan of the chip will reach your contact and thus raise the level of safety of your dog! 

Likewise, the presence of a chip in your dog is actually proof that you are the owner.

Rarely, but in some situations, dog thefts happen. In these situations, you can prove that you are the real owner of the stolen dog and that the person who committed the crime is sanctioned by the appropriate law.

How Long Does Microchipping Take?

Although it sounds like a complicated thing, microchipping usually takes less than ten minutes.

It is necessary to make an appointment with a veterinarian before that. The veterinarian can also give anesthesia to your dog if you choose. Then, all they need to do is install the chip in a certain part of your dog’s body. 

The whole process is entirely safe, so there is no reason to worry!

After that, the only thing left is to fill out the form with which you will register your dog.

Rather simple, isn’t it?

How Much Does It Cost To Microchip A Dog?

The average dog microchip cost ranges from $20 – $75. However, the exact price of microchipping a dog varies according to the clinic.

Still, it is not overly complicated to estimate the price. The main factor you should consider is whether you will request anesthesia for your dog or not.

Here’s an approximate figure for reference: 

If no anesthesia is required, then you’re looking at about 40$.

If you wish anesthetics to be used, then expect around 80$ in total!

This figure represents the final cost, and there should not be any additional costs. The registration of your dog is most often included in the price. Still, it may vary depending on the clinic where you microchip your dog.

Generally speaking, the whole process is cost-effective if you think about the safety and ease of mind it offers you! 

Once again, it is essential to note that the whole process is entirely safe and has absolutely no harmful effect on your dog’s health!

Should I Microchip My Dog?

Should you microchip your dog?

If you care about your beloved pet’s health and safety- yes, you should! Microchipping your dog can really make a difference to their safety and possibly prevent major headaches in the future.

If your dog gets lost, they will have the identification information on the chip, making it easier for someone to find their way back home. Microchipping also prevents having to go through the complicated process of finding the owner of a dog that wandered out too far. As we explained above, the microchip contains the owner’s contact information, including the address and phone number.

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Many people are afraid that chipping might have some negative effects on their dogs’ health, but this is not true!

Microchipping is a technological solution to the problem of lost and stolen pets. Therefore, it has become a very popular and safe practice in recent years. In some countries, dog microchipping is even mandatory.

If you want to know more about the effects of microchipping, ask your veterinarian and let them reassure you even further.


Microchipping is the best way to ensure that your dog will always have a traceable and safe identification! 

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