How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog – The 6 Key Steps

We suppose you are a clever and responsible young person who came up with the life-changing idea of becoming a proud dog parent. However, your parents might not be so receptive to the excitement as you are.

The question that comes up here is:

How to convince your parents to get a dog?

Sometimes it is hard to get our parents to meet our wishes, no matter how reasonable or well-thought-out they are. Frequently, we give up from the very beginning because the popular answer is a cold, hard – NO.

We guarantee you will be delighted with what we have prepared for you today. It is a clear and simple 6-step plan you can implement to increase your chances of getting a dog you will love more than anything in the world.

Let’s get to the point!

Step #1 – Find the Ideal Breed for Your Family

Find the right breed for your family.

Nothing works better as a negotiation tool than excellent preparation. It will show your parents that you are responsible and mature enough to think things through. This idea is not just an impulse – it’s something you really want!

Not only that, you know exactly which dog is perfect for you as a family and why that is the case.

You should first search the internet for all information you can collect. Here are four steps you can do to be fully prepared:

  1. Do a couple of Dog Breed Selector quizzes, such as those you can find on AKC or Pedigree.
  2. Read about the dog breeds that you like. See why they would or wouldn’t be the right fit for you.
  3. List out the pros and cons of different breeds. Make sure to show these to your parents so they can see the effort you are willing to put in!
  4. Narrow the choice down to two or three breeds maximum. Present your favorites to your parents and see what their thoughts are.

It would help if you also considered a few other things:

  • If you live in an apartment, choosing large dogs can be a bad option. Large dogs take up space and thus may not be suitable for your family. 
  • Families usually want to go on vacation at least once or twice a year. A large dog ​​can be a challenge when you travel. This can be an issue for your parents. Unless they are comfortable with that, think about your breed choice a few more times.
  • Your parents’ habits can also help you choose the right breed. Parents work, and they probably want to rest after a long day. Respect their time and make sure that you can take care of your dog by yourself.

Step #2 – Perform Chores Diligently

Perform chores dilligently to show you are responsible.

“You weren’t good at school, so we won’t buy you a…”

You definitely heard a sentence like this from your parents at least once in your life. The reason parents find this as a reason not to award you with something is your lack of responsibility.

You heard that right!

A pet is a larger responsibility than most of the things you have encountered in your life, so you better be prepared.

Improve your marks in school. Tidy your room. Help out with chores around the house. This way, you will prove to your parents that your obligations come first and that you are a responsible young individual.

Increased responsibility could have a positive effect on your attitude towards your dog as well! You will become a better dog parent who will pay a lot of attention to your dog and build an unbreakable bond.

Step #3 – Choose the Right Moment for a Conversation

Pick the perfect time to ask your parents to get a dog.

Most parents probably spend most of their day at work. Finally, when they return home, they could be exhausted or even nervous.

Of course, this is a bad moment to ask for such an important thing as a new dog. In most cases, when they are tired, your parents will give a simple (most likely negative) answer rather than being open to a debate.

Be patient and take a smarter initiative. Make sure that the ball is in your court. Suggest a walk around the city. If your parents do not like excessive physical activity, try organizing a movie night.

It is better if all of you are happy and having fun. The real sign to take a step is when you see a smile on your parents’ faces!

Start the conversation when they are in a good mood, and the chances are bigger that you will succeed.

Step #4 – Present Your Plan for Taking Care of the Dog

Create a clear plan for taking care of your dog.

Think hard about all aspects of owning a dog and create a detailed plan. All the responsibilities will become easier once you plan them out.

Clearly indicate the expected veterinary costs, daily diet plan, and the course of all activities (walking, dog park visits, playtime, training, etc.).

Why is this important?

It often happens that, after buying a dog, things flip around. Parents take over all of the responsibilities, and they are aware of this. It may even be one of the main reasons why they are hesitant to get a dog in the first place.

That is why you need to emphasize that you will stick to the plan you created! Perhaps you can share some responsibilities with your brother or sister. For example, you take the dog out in the morning, while someone else will do it in the afternoon.

In addition to this situation, parents are careful about buying a dog because they don’t have a whole picture of the dog’s care.

According to research, 30% of former dog owners believe that the cost of a veterinarian is the main reason for not buying a dog! Show your parents that you know what the costs are and how are they spread out. Research the monthly vet cost for the dog breeds you chose above and show the stats to your parents.

Bonus Tip: You can see our daily routine in the article How to Discipline a Dog. Please read it carefully and adjust the routine according to your habits.

Step #5 – Show Your Parents the Benefits of Owning a Dog

The benefits of owning a dog.

There are indeed many good reasons to get a dog. Your parents are also aware of this.

It will help if you emphasize the good sides of being a dog parent and convince your parents in the best possible way.

Here are just a few benefits that your parents will surely enjoy hearing about:

  1. You’ll build new, responsible and healthy habits. – For example, owning a dog will get you in good physical shape. You will start taking daily walks with your dog and get outside more often. You will reduce stress, improve heart rate and sleep quality.
  2. It will make your home safer. – If possible, choosing a large dog for the house can be phenomenal, especially if we talk about a protective breed. Your new friend will increase your sense of security. There is little chance that your house will become the target of attackers when your dog is in the yard.
  3. You will increase your day-to-day productivity.  – The dog will make you plan your day in advance. You will spend less time on unimportant things and will start managing your time better. 

Step #6 – Try to Accept Your Parents’ Opinion

Accept your parent's opinion about getting a dog.

Once you talk with parents, you’ll hear their side of the story. Accept their opinion and try to understand their perspective.

Otherwise, if you don’t listen to their points, you will create a counter effect, and parents will likely reject your proposition.

Maybe it’s not the right time to buy a dog. In that case, wait a month (or whichever period you think is suitable) and ask your parents again. Prepare yourself even better this time around.

Bonus Tip: The ideal time to suggest buying a dog might be the end of the summer semester. Show your parents good grades, and this may help swing the odds in your favor. Summer or spring is also an ideal time as the day gets longer and sunnier. You will have more time for responsibilities around the dog.

A Few Words

Dogs are our most loyal friends, and when a puppy walks into your life, it changes everything. Of course, not all changes are something that you will necessarily like or appreciate. Still, the good things will far outweigh the difficulties.

If you have been successful in your endeavor and your parents agreed that getting a dog is a smart decision – great work! We couldn’t be more proud of you, and we are sure you will take good care of your new friend.

If that was not the case, don’t feel bad. Your parents probably have reasons why their answer was negative, and it might take some time to understand their point of view entirely. After all, there will be plenty of other opportunities in your life to get a dog when the timing is right.


Buying a dog can be a stressful decision for your parents, especially if you are young. We hope that everything we have talked about here will help you adjust your mindset for the big decision you are about to make.

Which of the six steps did you find the most helpful?

Leave your opinions in the comment below. 

And most importantly – good luck!